Some facts which defy science

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Have you ever had the experience of a night-time dream you remember and the next day that dream actually happens ? How about thinking of a long-ago good friend you’ve missed when the phone rings and there they are ! These types of things have happened to me, and it seems to me they defy empirical, materially-anchored science. Isn’t personal experience a fairly credible form of knowledge ? Personal witness is a corner-stone of our court system and law. Maybe it’s time we start to think in different ways and look in different places for better answers to some of this life’s core questions and issues.

The new Neuroscience pioneers new attitudes about our reality :

Neuroscientist Dr Beauregard cites the real evidences for the presence of mind and consciousness without any brain activity being present in the many cases of medical patients in a state of cardiac arrest. In cardiac arrest the brains shuts down after about 10-20 secs, however over 100 case studies showed those patients gave accurately detailed accounts of what was going on in the ER/operating room when in cardiac arrest and having no brain activity.

( Mario Beauregard, Ph.D., is an associate researcher at the University of Montreal in the departments of psychology and radiology, as well as at the Neuroscience Research center. Dr. Beauregard earned two postdoctoral fellowships in experimental neuropsychology, the first at the University of Texas in Houston, and the second at the Montreal Neurological Institute at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre at McGill University. )

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I believe, the world’s masses are being enlightened how elitist virtually all goverments are, forming their major economic policies to benefit 1st the wealthy havers. The corporations, including those institutions the corporations finance, as science, media, health, etc., are relentless and insatiable in their hunger for money and power and status.

I believe, many of my past years insights, discoveries and understandings are Holy Revelations from God and Jesus and God’s Angels, for lessons to me for the good works I’ve dedicated my life to. My work is to show all our families, world around, they have a choice. Blessed are they which hear and heed these lessons of my witness and knowledge of God and Jesus.

10 personal mystical experiences which evidence our Soul and God and Jesus.
see post ” Some Evidences of Soul ”

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The Mystic

20 thoughts on “Some facts which defy science

  1. Marc

    Hi Gregory,
    Regarding “Some facts that defy science,” I think these facts do indeed point to a spiritual reality. I know that there are atheists who deny the existence of any spiritual realm, but I think that it may be a reflection of their suppressed spiritual faculty. Intellectual pride can cause an inflated ego to suppress the spiritual faculty.

    My reply

    Welcome Marc : I like your idea God would touch all souls soto cue them to wonder about God and life. I believe this is why God gave Jesus to be, and some, as St Francis of Assisi, carried Jesus’s ” touch ” to a life of a very good commitment and dedication to the poor and sick.

    1. gjpaul Post author

      New perspectives are interesting, and I see all the world’s religions as ironically individualistic. True, concensus in a version of faith binds its members, though I expect some points of its doctrine are challenged and disliked. The root of all christian faiths is our bibles, but even their translations are highly interpretive.

      Oh well, unfortunately, seems we’re kept to the broader ” core ” issues of Jesus’s life and acts and lessons. My own protestant bible lessons in early childhood, including my mystical experiences, have anchored my belief in God and Jesus for the past 50yrs.

  2. gjpaul Post author

    Marc, you wrote at :

    ” What ever useful knowledge I have absorbed regarding churches and faith has come from first hand experience and a fair amount of time researching the history of Christianity. Like most students in public schools and universities, all of the history I was ever taught about Western civilization claimed that the Roman Empire ended in AD. 476, and that the Roman Catholic Church was the sole Christian Church until the Reformation. When I looked into this history in more depth, I found out that the Roman Empire lasted until AD. 1453, and the Roman Catholic Church had its founding in the late eighth and early ninth Century. The Roman Catholic Church officially disassociated itself from the family of Orthodox Catholic Churches in AD. 1054 primarily because of the issue of Church government. The Eastern Churches rejected papal claims of supreme authority, and opted to continue the conciliar model of Church government established by the Apostles at the first council of Jerusalem in c. AD. 50. ”

    ” Although the family of Eastern Orthodox Churches have acquired some questionable baggage over the centuries, they have maintained the Holy Apostolic Tradition that provides a reliable criteria for sorting out a lot of errors. The approach of the early Church leaders was to use an apophatic approach to theological questions. If you eliminate the concepts that are clearly not true, you draw closer to understanding what is true. ”

    ” We Orthodox Catholic Christians tend to give the most weight to the four Gospels, followed by the Epistles, followed by the Psalms, followed by the rest of the Old Testament. We accept that errors due to translation, and figures of speech can effect interpretation. For the “sola scriptura” Christians, who believe that the Bible they read literally is without error, their house of cards could be in danger. Although some may become atheists or deists, some may become Orthodox Catholics. ”

    My comment :

    Marc, the early church elders were not a very credible body of authority, albeit they were the most assertive in their desires to control the new christian religion they originally learned of from some indefinite sources. ( the only info I’ve found is the earliest surviving manuscript dates from the mid 2nd century AD. )

    1. Marc

      Gregory, I have read your concepts regarding Jesus in “Rebuke of Protestant Faiths.” It appears that you share the belief of the Arians regarding the nature of Jesus Christ. It was this misconception by the Alexandrian presbyter Arius that led to the first Ecumenical Council in AD. 325. The bishops of the Church rejected the Arian heresy and formulated the Nicene Creed to more firmly state what the Apostolic teaching had been from the beginning of the Church in AD. 33.

      If you go to the 25th chapter of Leviticus in your Bible, you will read about the Law of the Jubilee Year. This law, like so much of the Old Covenant, points to Jesus Christ. With the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the forgiveness of all debts would happen at Golgotha in AD. 33.

      1. gjpaul Post author

        Marc, you wrote :

        ” Traditional Christian understanding is that the cosmos is not eternal, it had a beginning. In the Nicene Creed we affirm that God is the creator of heaven and earth, and all things visible and invisible. Current scientific evidence supports the finite nature of the material cosmos. If you are speaking of the spiritual realm of Creation, it also had a beginning but cannot be empirically measured. Only God is immortal by nature. He can provide immortality for His creatures, or destroy them (see Matthew 10:28). ”

        My view is :

        In my post ” My Theory of Universe ” I well explain the differences between our finite material reality ( universe ) from the infinite, and eternal, host cosmos… I use the term Cosmos exclusively to name the infinite, and its dualist character of both the being and non-being of ALL that was BEFORE the universal material construct was formed.

      2. Arkenaten

        If you go to the 25th chapter of Leviticus in your Bible, you will read about the Law of the Jubilee Year. This law, like so much of the Old Covenant, points to Jesus Christ. With the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the forgiveness of all debts would happen at Golgotha in AD. 33.

        What absolute nonsense.
        Thee is not a single line or word that prophecies any damn thing in the NT.
        Tell me, do you lot sit around a table and make this crap up? Really ,Marc, this from a supposed intelligent man who recently extracted the urine out of Ken Ham. Oh, dear oh dear.

      3. gjpaul Post author

        Welcome Ark. I’ve noted the views and attitudes of atheists for years. On the positive side of such opposition to the issues of God and Soul and Jesus, and certainly all which characterizes the mortally oriented philosophies of religion, atheists represent and express the vital, and SACRED, need of life for free-will, choice, and variety.

        I understand, ARK, your views are passionately set within you, and I doubt anything I would point out would shift some of your thinking, nor do I intend to ignore anothers feelings and matters of their Heart.

        If I may, if you browse my posts, you’ll see my consistant theme for my dislike of life and society with harm against others. You, ARK, may decide all the rubbish the world’s religions sicken and suffer us all with, one way or another, leaves you determined to reject the being of a Loving ” parental ” personhood in life.

        Definitely not the hands-on type of knowledge, I know. I suggest the cross-roads to new ideas and Truths is ones will to consider them as real and possibly True. History shows us, so many times, how difficult it is for society’s ” establishment’s ” to accept new thinking and evidences etc.

        So that’s it for my thoughts for now. Thanks for your comment, Ark

  3. Marc

    ” Although monasticism was a movement by the faithful to maintain the integrity of the Faith after the Edict of Milan in AD. 313, The perverse concepts about sexuality introduced by Augustine and other Latin speakers, had far more acceptance in the West than in the Greek speaking East. Most Orthodox Christian priests are married, although Orthodox bishops have been subject to celibacy due to nepotism issues that arose in the sixth century. ”

    My reply :

    Marc, you didn’t listen to my audio clip about pope alexandar sixth, in history of protestant faiths.

    The spanish borgian (Rodrigo Borgia) Pope Alexander the Sixth, of the roman catholic church in the later 15th century, was deeply entrenched in his absolute violent tyranny, insatiable greeds of wealth and lascivious sexual debauchery, due to his sick-minded state from denying his (and all material life’s vital need) sexuality. His anger, malice, drunkery, adultery, war, etc., have all been clinically assessed as due to celibacy and abstinance. ( see History of Protestant Faiths audio file ” Pope Alexander the Sixth (15thCentury) ” )

    Marc’s reply :

    Makes no sense Gregory. If he was into sexual debauchery, he was not into celibacy and abstinence. Like so many of the Popes of the last thousand years, he was a “man of sin” and one of many antichrists.

    My reply :

    Ever tried sexual renunciation… I have, and I very, very well know how uncopeably intense the stressors of it are on one’s persona !

    In this life, women are everywhere, and the subject of her body ( and Heartful feminine Soul ) is provoked everytime one both sees her or thinks about here, but that’s not all. Ones very dreams also involve her body’s enourmous power, including her fashions and fragraces etc.

    There lots more I could say, but let it be, her body’s and fashions unique property’s take on a new splendor which far exceeds anything one could imagine. This is why the male clergy built monasteries and forbid women !

    ( In my post ” Some evidences of Soul ” I WARN readers NOT try to exploit this… it will make one very, very sick, and can kill ! )

    Pope Alexander was not ” into debauchery ” , he was into sex, period, also violence, power etc. He actually bought his position as head of the church, but because he wasn’t italian, lots of unwelcoming cardinals tried his political talents.

  4. Marc

    My comment :

    According to the historian I used, Edward M Burns, from his book ” Western Civilisations ” , early church elders drove out those early mystics, which believed and did take-up, in a very committed way, both sacrifice and righteousness. One point of contention was those mystics disputing God was ” all powerful ” as God is limited to only that which is righteous, and God’s purely Loving character defines that righteousness.

    Furthermore, according to my source, in the era when Jesus was thought to have been born, there was in Israel a community named the ” essenes ” . The essenes were a deeply spiritual community, practicing self-denial/sacrifice, poverty, etc, and being politically and morally in conflict with Israels rulers and chief priests.

    The essenes were most likely influenced by the eastern trade-route folk bringing with them the knowledge of Krishna’s Hinduism, via the zoroastrian’s, which some believe was the origin of the zoroastrian’s new religion.

    My point is Jesus Himself could have been born into the essenes community.

    The prophets Krishna and Jesus serve to complete the political arguements of life as both Hinduism and Christianity lead humankind against the earth, whilst both Judaism and Islam support creation.

    The prophet Krishna offered his plan for one to overcome this life’s suffering about 1000 years before Jesus, and his means of renunciation and good-works foundation his two paths which overcome life’s suffering : the path of knowledge and the path of action.

    Social good-works are Krishna’s path of action and he declares it is the easier of the two paths. ( and is very similar to Christ’s path of righteousness. )

    Marc’s reply :


    I do believe that the early Church fathers were quite reliable, so we will just have to disagree. They did in fact fight against the gnostic heretics to preserve the true Faith.

    There are some who believe that perhaps St. John the Baptist was an Essene.

    There is much conjecture regarding how other religious beliefs may have influenced Judaism and early Christianity. Clearly the pagan belief in the natural immortality of the soul led to the awful concept of eternal conscience torment believed by many Christian.

    My reply :

    You may be right about John the Baptist, though if he was an essene and Jesus was involved with him, it could be Jesus too grew up under the essene influence.

    Not clear why you’d class the eternal nature of soul a pagan beiief… I reason that which is, but not material/finite, would, by the nature of the eternal cosmos, also be eternal.

    You may recall, in my rebuke of protestant faiths, I refute eternal punishment as morally unjust/evil, and God would never do so.

    What is material death ?

    In my view :

    When in the Gospels and John’s Revelation, Jesus warns of death for offenders and non-believers, He is not saying their end to being nor consciousness, but they will continue to exist and be aware, and feel and speak and act, yet without peace.

    In the cirumstance of an infinite host, which the eternal non-material cosmos is, an infinite number of sub-constructs can be made to exist. This provides for an infinite number of sub-realities, sothen each offender can be given the opportunity to reform their souls directly according to their earthly lives offences.

    1. gjpaul Post author

      Hello Kells 🙂

      I agree we all do have an intuitive sense of things unseen, and some wonder about those in terms of a soul, whilst others believe this material life is all they know, and all they’ll ever know , though I find the ” fifth element ” (Love) the most engaging.

      I don’t understand what you mean by “You just have to list the wall” . Perhaps you’re saying there’s instinsic barriers which leave some people doubting any ” mystical ” presence involved in their ” hunches ” . Certainly, the rich, and all which want more of this material life, are most likely to reject the ideas of a involved parental cosmic voice and power.

      As it happens, that’s why those like me are here. We give Honest accounts of our own personal experiences of God and God’s Loving being, though everyone has their own perspective on God and such.

      Kells, you’re welcome to browse my blog’s posts… you may be surprised how many of this life’s issues point to a Loving God.

      1. kellsbellsfrompc

        Ooops! That was supposed to be lift, not list. I’m referring to the opening of your mind (not so much so that your brain falls out) which allows you to see what is already there. I don’t know if you are inferring that all wealthy people are Athiests, because I know plenty of wealthy Christians…..

      2. gjpaul Post author

        Kells, opening one’s mind or missing those ‘ gifts ‘ by ones barriers are similar as both involve ones inner-self. To say ” what’s already there ” brings to mind Bhuddist consciousness oneness, which I don’t agree with. It can be thought the material universe has always had a destiny for its ending, sothen its entire course of meanings whilst it does exist, and there’s some things to be said for reincarnation, but life needs some degree of free will.

        No, not necessarily atheist. Some are simply philosophically indifferent of life’s morality, and some see discussion on religion as much too intense.

        As for rich christians… perhaps you could read my post ” History of Protestant Faiths ” . It’s not that I ‘ know ‘ how God would decide about the rich, but the Gospels Jesus makes a number of very clear warnings about it.

        Generally, as material life is also competitive and harmful, they which pursue money, property, power over others, etc will need make the choice to concern themself with other’s well-being or not, from lesser to greater degrees. Historically, by western academics, the stories of power and wealth etc are dark accounts of war and slavery…

  5. Quackzalcoatl

    Hey GJ. Yeah, it’s been a little quiet around here lately. I’m waiting for the mood to strike and a burst of inspiration to run through me and start sparking discussions once more.

    I would say, the fact your life seems so hopeless and miserable to anyone seeing you from the outside, yet you remain so strongly committed to your faith and walk in constant fellowship with our Redeemer and are filled with his Spirit — there is no greater messenger for God’s love and power than that! You give hope to those who need it most, by spreading His light in darkness. We are where we are for His purpose.

    Just keep making your rounds on other blogs and spread your message, and people will come to you eventually. If all of your words reach just one person, and leads them to the arms of their Redeemer, then I’d say it was more than worth the effort! Stay strong!

  6. gjpaul Post author

    Thanks Ducky… you’re the 14th comment here, and some call that superstition, but we know its the Holy mystical presence in this life.

    Not so much miserable… I live alone and I’m a bit lonely, but my time is spent on my blog, my diet & health, and my home… a little stressful at times, and I know I need slow down a bit. Not so easy to do; I luv my works of Faith, but posting around to other bloggers has so far been difficult… some of their minds are already set, some don’t care, some don’t have much time…

    Very glad you came over to my ‘place’ 🙂

    1. gjpaul Post author

      Hello Paar… welcome 🙂

      The term ‘apparition’ is usually used for material appearances, not the visual mind’s eye. I’ve experienced a number of inner-reality (mind) perceptions, both human and sacred objects.

      As for my experience with Jesus, His image gave me the UNIQUE feeling one has when one happens upon an important Truth. It may be better you goto my post “Some Evidences of Soul” ; I detail some of my most important experiences with this type of thing. Another subject which may help you understand me is my post “Atheism is short-sighted” .

      P.S. I hope Surrey BC is weathering climate change better than we are in Manitoba. I have severe COPD lung disease and this winter seriously damaged my lungs.

  7. gjpaul Post author

    Thanks Paar. There’s many of us COPD’rs who’d dearly love a cure.

    I’m interested to know what your thoughts are on my 10 Holy experiences with the person of Jesus.

    My faith is in Jesus. I, and ‘we’, oppose this harmful material creation and life. If I correctly understand Mohammed’s position, material is of God’s making and will, and a good thing. Could you explain how your faith claims God to be a loving ‘parental’ power when it’s material life is so terribly diseased, harmful, elitist, sexist, unjust, and futile ?

    I’m also interested in your faith’s attitudes of both hetero and homo sexual women’s value and ‘ role/place’ in life.

    April remembers our Beloved Jesus’s Holy fulfilment of God’s Love for ALL livingkind.

    Lots to discuss here.

  8. gjpaul Post author

    Every thing good in this life is only by God, and God gave Jesus to provide those to ALL, also for they which Love God and God’s Son Jesus.

    April begins the season of spring, the return of light and life on earth. April is the Holy fulfillment of God’s Love for ALL humankind, including animalkind, with God’s Son Jesus, and the trial of His Love for humankind, and His crucifiction. The suffering Jesus experienced, both His body and Soul, gave Him to relate to the suffering of others, and the Holy powers to Heal the ‘sick/lost’ and redeem the faithful.

    Let us Pray Jesus returns to the earth now, and defeats the cosmic power which suffers all lives. God and Jesus’s will is ALL know life in the presence and company of God, and the goods of life for evermore. Blessed are they which Rejoice in Jesus and April.


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